Blog #10 Video Story Telling Project

26 Nov

(Above is the project link to YouTube)

For this assignment, we also used the 2013 UW bred heifer sale to report on. We got video of the sale as well as interviews from people running or helping with the sale. The point of this assignment was to work with our video skills and to report on a live event. I really enjoyed catching video of the sale and the interviews. This was an event that is of interest to me and I thought it was really interesting to interview Austin and Maxine to find out more about it from behind the scenes. I felt really weird though capturing video at an event like this because everyone was staring at me and didn’t know what I was doing.

It really surprised me how simple it was to edit the video and photographs that we got on iMovie and then upload onto YouTube. I wish I would of gotten better videos. The interviews are hard to hear, but I also was using my smart phone so the quality wasn’t going to be very good. I also had a lot of background noise, but with a live event the interviews I thought really showed that there was a lot of action going on while I was doing the interviews. If I was putting together a video of a live event for my job, I feel like nothing can be perfect because you are reporting things as they are happening. Your interviews aren’t going to be perfect and capturing the right video might be harder than you think. I learned a lot though and had fun with this assignment.

I really don’t know if I would be using video in my future career. I am not very experienced with video and would rather stay away from it, but you never know what you will be asked to do in a job and you can really market yourself for a position if you have some background in everything.




Blog Post #9 Live Tweeting Event

25 Nov

University of Wyoming bred heifer sale


University of Wyoming bred heifer sale

I have never had a Twitter account so this was extremely new to me. I really had no idea how to run it on my iPhone so as the event was going I was also figuring out how to Tweet. I did live Tweets while I was at the University of Wyoming bred heifer sale that took place on Saturday November 23 at 1:00 p.m. To me it was fairly easy to tweet while the sale was going on because I could report on what the auctioneer was saying as well as the dollar amount that the heifers were bringing. If someone was following my live reporting on Twitter, this would be very useful information to know.
I enjoyed learning how to run Twitter. In my future career I might be asked to run the Twitter account or the social media account and because I do not have any form of social media, this was really good for me to learn. I didn’t enjoy feeling like I was being anti-social at this event. I felt glued to my phone and was listening for things that I could Tweet about instead of visiting with people at the sale.
It surprised me how quick you could get a Tweet out, if someone was following my live reporting they would of seen my Tweets right away and it would of been like they were actually at the sale. I learned how to Tweet as well as how to create a Twitter account and follow someone. (As you can see I am only following one and being followed by one :))

One thing that was a challenge for me was that I was not familiar with Twitter at all so I felt like I was trying to figure it out more than I was doing the assignment. This was a fun event to live Tweet on though because it is something that was of interest to me, and is something that ranchers around the state would want to follow me on.

Blog #8 Sound Slides Project

7 Nov

With this assignment, we had to create a sound slides project on an event or particular topic. We had to have at least two different sources to interview so that we would have audio to go along with our photography. The purpose of this assignment was to combine the skills we’ve gained through this class such as using photography creative devices, recording audio and then editing what you record, and then using sound slides with ambient noise. My partner and I decided to interview two students on the 2013 University of Wyoming rodeo team. We also went to a rodeo practice at the UW Hansen indoor arena and took pictures of the students roping. We wanted to focus the project on students and their rodeo experiences here at UW.

While working with a partner on this assignment, we had a lot of fun taking pictures at rodeo practice and getting to talk to the rodeo students. We worked really well together and helped each other out, I am not as familiar with Garage Band (the editing device we used) or iMovie as my partner was, so it was really helpful to learn as we went to see all the really cool stuff you could do with the device. Because there was mis-communication, my partner and I had to re-work the assignment on SoundSlides so it took a little longer to get everything uploaded and fixed. It was a really big challenge trying to get the files off of my partner’s computer. While we were taking pictures at rodeo practice, everyone was staring at us so we felt kind of awkward but it was fun going and watching and trying to get pictures. Also, while interviewing it was interesting to see the UW rodeo students talk about their passion for rodeo.

Working with Garage Band and iMovie was interesting becuase I really didn’t have that much experience. After re-doing the project though in SoundSlides, it was interesting to see the similarities between the two programs. SoundSlides was fairly easy to use.

Our biggest struggle with this project was having the mis-comunication about what program we could use. We had our project completed in iMovie and then realized that we were required to use SoundSlides so that was kind of a challenge trying to get everything transfered over. Other than that everything went pretty smooth.

I actually really like our project, it is something that I think is interesting. I think we had good engaging interviews, relevant country rodeo music and pictures that really captured our topic. Overall, I think this was a fun assignment learning how to piece all of it together.

Blog #7 Edited Interview with Larson McQuary

24 Oct

I had never audio edited before so this was kind of a challenge. I feel a little more comfortable with audio editing now that I have done it and I think that it is a really cool tool to know how to do. I thought that the coolest part of editing my interview that I had recorded was deleting pieces out of the recording, not just my voice, and it still sounding good. I was piecing together an entire interview conversation and if Larson paused to long or stumbled over a question I could edit it out and it was like it was never there.

I learned how to use the editing tools available to edit audio. I learned that when you are doing an interview and you pause before asking the next question and if they pause before answering it makes it really easy to edit. I also learned how to look for the beginning and end of someone saying something, that way you can delete the extra sounds that you don’t need.

Like I had said before it really surprised me how editing out certain parts of the interview not only made my audio profile really cool, but it was like I hadn’t edited anything out at all. It amazed me how you could just piece together what someone says and make it sound good. It’s exactly like someone is just telling their story and that’s what makes it interesting to listen to.

I don’t know what I would have done different. After I had edited the first time, my interview was still almost three minutes long which was way over the time we were allowed. After searching through the audio recording and looking for the pauses, or where she had stumbled over a word, I was able to get rid of that and make it sound a lot better. After I had edited it for the last time, I timed it and I was exactly two minutes and fifteen seconds. Lucky! Overall I think this was a fun assignment and I would imagine that having this audio editing skill will be a great marketing tool for myself when I am looking for a job.


Blog #6 Audio Raw Interview with Larson McQuary

21 Oct


This is an interview that I did with my roommate Larson McQuary. I wanted to interview her on her experience working on a guest ranch as a horse wrangler. Recording an interview wasn’t anything new to me because I have had to interview people for articles or press-releases and recording them is the best way to make sure that all of your quotes are accurate. This obviously isn’t going to be an article but having to record an interview was something I was familiar with. We did it in our kitchen so I thought that we did a good job eliminating the ambient noise. I used my smart phone and just set it on the kitchen table so I felt that it was less intimidating then having to talk in front of an audio recorder that people aren’t used to seeing every day. When I got interviewed, it was sometimes hard to give Sarah a good response to her questions. I had to think about the questions but at the same time answer them in a timely manner without to much hesitation. The same thing went for me, because she used her phone it wasn’t as intimidating to get interviewed because I didn’t have an audio recorder in front of me.

I learned how to record something, and then get it downloaded onto my computer, put onto sound cloud and then to my blog. I had never done that before and found that it was a lot easier than I had imagined it to be. Any time I have ever used my phone to record an interview it has been completely for my own benefit, so this was definitely an experience. I enjoyed learning how to use sound cloud and how easy it was to get stuff recorded and uploaded. I think it is an extremely useful tool. I also enjoy interviewing people because I think that what a lot of people have to say is interesting and can make for either a good article or in this case a good audio profile.

I honestly don’t know what I could have done different, I thought that the interview went extremely smooth. I only had to record it twice because the first time we were like 10 seconds to short from being in the 30 second range of 5 minutes. After I asked her to expand on one of my interview questions we were able to get a good recording of the interview that met the time requirements. I am curious to see how editing will go!


Blog #5 Photojournalism

8 Oct

image (1)The college life

This photo was taken when I was eating dinner at the new library. I was a total creeper and snatched a photo of this kid named Preston when he was enjoying a few beers with his friends. They are in deep conversation so I thought it was a good opportunity to get a shot of these college kids just hanging out. I wanted to use view point along with color because the colors that are contrasting Preston and the wall really stand out. It was weird because I was at the table next to them and I took it on my smart phone. I stumbled upon  this photo because I was right there next to them and thought it would be a great shot to really capture the “college life” of hanging out and drinking with your buddies.

image (2)

Shooting pool in style

Shooting pool the college way

This photo was also taken at the Library Bar when we were up hanging out and enjoying ourselves. This was taken far away with my iPhone so its blurry and I don’t have the name of this person. But there are two pool tables upstairs and it was really hard to get this shot because I didn’t want to mess this person up with their shot. I tried to zoom in from across the room and get a picture of them focusing, but decided to use the creative device of cropping. It’s not really cropped, but because there is no face, you can really get a feel for what their face looks like when they are obviously focusing on this shot.

image (3)

Shots in focus


This shot was also taken at the Library Bar, and you might think that I spend to much time at the bar but people at the bars just fascinate me. This particular person named Spencer Northrup was shooting pool with his friends. This was also really awkward to take because I didn’t want to mess up his shot. These boys come here frequently to shoot pool, drink beer and hang out. The Library Bar, since it has recently re-opened has become a really popular spot for college students to come and just enjoy themselves. I really wanted to use viewpoint when I shot this. He is in complete focus where your eye is drawn and really gives you the sense of intensity.

IMG_0499A night on the town

I was also being a creeper in this picture. As I was eating my dinner, we were looking over and the colors and lighting of this I thought was really interesting. Every one of these people is in a conversation with each other, but yet still close to each other, and to us is just a long line of people. I just really liked capturing the interaction between people and the bright yellow wall behind them. This wasn’t extremely hard to shoot because they all had their backs to me so they couldn’t see me taking their picture. I think it adds when people don’t know when you are taking their picture (which is this assignment) because you can really capture their real facial expressions and capture the moment they are in without them feeling like they have to pose.


Casual walk through the Pasture

Pasture Walk

A This photo was taken on campus when I was walking to class. I was also far away so it is kind of blurry but for the most part you can get the idea that they are headed to the gym. They were just walking along the Pasture and I thought it was a funny picture. The color of the grass really stands out to me, they are really a strong view point against the grass, along with a contrast. This is just a feature photo for me because it is capturing these two guys walking along during their daily lives to head to the gym (I am assuming). Being a college student, it is fun to see the different students walking around and heading to their classes or heading somewhere different.

I think overall what I could of done different is just capture different scenes. It was really hard for me to take pictures of strangers and I didn’t like it. I don’t like feeling like I am creeping on people. When you are trying to capture an interesting shot, it is harder than it looks when you are trying to just get what is “natural”. I think I just need a lot more practice when it comes to photojournalism. This was fun though to see what I could get, I just ended up getting them all mostly from the same place.

Blog #4 Creative Devices of Photography

30 Sep
Stacy Engelbrecht takes catches a shot of the Lingle/Ft. Laramie football team on the September 28.

Stacy Engelbrecht catches a shot of the Lingle/Ft. Laramie football team at the September 28 homecoming game.

This picture I took at my little brother’s homecoming football game in Lingle Wyoming.
To me, this photo is an example of viewpoint. The opposing team, the Cokeville Panthers, are in the background but the eye is drawn to this woman who is shooting a photo of our home team. I thought it was interesting because everyone’s eyes were on our team as they were announcing the starting line up but I was able to capture this photo of Stacy.
Another creative device that could be used in this photo would be symmetry and patterns. The Cokeville team is completely uniformed the same and Stacy really stands out of the group.

Lingle/Ft. Laramie highschool football team

Lingle/Ft. Laramie high school football team

This picture was also taken at my little brother’s football game. This is the team line up during the Pledge of Allegiance. I thought this photo was interesting because it demonstrates the symmetry and patterns creative device. The players are lined up all wearing the exact same uniform so it shows a definite patterned photo. This photo to me is aesthetically pleasing because not only does the green grass and lighting really make the uniforms stand out, but it is obvious that the Pledge of Allegiance is being sang which is very honoring. Another creative device could be “leading lines”. The team is in a straight line and from our angle, it is a line of players that you don’t know where it ends.


Lingle Cop sneaks a peek at a baby during the Lingle game on Saturday

This photo I really love. Also while at the Lingle football game I spotted the town cop looking in at this baby. I was far away so I grabbed my mom’s really fancy camera where I was able to zoom in really far and get an extremely clear photo. This photo has the creative device of rule of thirds. The main focus of the picture is not completely centered but it is the center of the attention. You can get a good idea that the picture is taken at some kind of event because you can see the bleachers in the background but at the same time it doesn’t matter where it is taken because the eye is drawn to the cop and the baby carriage. This is aesthetically pleasing because it makes me think that the cop is protecting the child. That she is watching over making sure nothing happens to the baby. I think that other creative devices that are displayed in this photo are “viewpoint” because the cop and the baby carriage is in complete focus. There are other things in the background but really aren’t that noticeable because the cop really stands out.


Hageman Ranch at sunset

This photo I took at my family ranch outside of Ft. Laramie Wyoming. I took it with my phone so it’s not extremely good quality but you can still get the idea that the creative device displayed in this photo is contrast. There is a huge contrast between the tractor, some of the road and the sunset. The sunset is the main idea of the photo and it stands out even more because of the dark contrast with the rest of the photo. This photo to me is aesthetically pleasing because in my opinion, there is nothing prettier than a sunset. Especially one that has such beautiful colors. It is also meaningful to me because I took this on my ranch as I was headed home and luckily had my phone with me to capture this beautiful sunset. Another creative device that is portrayed in this photo I could argue would be color. The color in this photo is very bright and really catches the eye.


Harney Streets long line of beautiful fall trees.

This photo was taken by my apartment here in Laramie. The creative device in this photo is “leading lines”. The trees are in a straight line and so is the street and the sidewalk on the side. It is leading the eye to the end of the row, but you physically can’t see where the end of the tree line is. It could be miles but you can’t tell. It is aesthetically pleasing because the fall leaves have a really pretty color and the sun going down in between the trees gives the photo an interesting look.

The thing that surprised me the most about this assignment was how hard it is to get pictures that have a creative device. I have always taken pictures just for my own pleasure, but I love having them posed pictures of my friends and family and I. Trying to find creative devices and looking at something in a completely different way, without being able to pose something was really challenging. I think  what I could of done differently was spend a lot more time getting a variety of photos, I took A LOT of photos but none of them were appealing to me and that fit into any of the creative devices. I think I would also really look for the specific devices, I just took photos. This was a fun assignment though, I never really thought so deeply about the photos that I shot.